Energy plant workers save abandoned kittens

Published in Press Enterprise: June 12, 2024

The general manager of operations for the Caithness Moxie Freedom gas plant is tasked with producing enough electricity to power 900,000 homes.

But he knows the little things also count.

Jack Monahon was riding his bicycle to the plant on Mingle Inn Road when he spotted a pile of fur in the middle of the eastbound lane, reports Steve Kratz, spokesman for the company.

Upon closer examination, he discovered the pile was three abandoned kittens.

Monahon headed for the plant, where plant administrator Stephanie Knight helped him find a box to carry the kittens to the facility.

One of the little ones had already died. But Monahon’s wife, Cait Monahon, contacted Cats in Bloom, which came to the rescue of the other two.

The charity took in the waifs and got them medical care. The Caithness Freedom team donated $320 to help with expenses. A week later, Cats in Bloom reported back. The kittens, now named Pandy and Puffin for their black-and-white coats, are thriving. For the time being, they’re in foster care, where they will stay until they’re old enough to go into the adoption room at the charity’s Bloomsburg storefront.

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